Unique service of automated advertising in Instagram Stories

Run ads in a few clicks with an audience up to 50 149 884 people!

The way Storiesgain is running

The advertiser creates an Ad in the constructor and selects sites through a handy targeting mechanism
In a minute, the bloggers receive a push notification in the app, and by clicking 1 button can place an Ad in their account or public
After a few minutes, the advertiser gets the first sales and sees full statistics for each blogger account

Our advantages

Fully automated creation and buying of ads in SG
Launch speed
No more than 15 minutes from registration to the full launch of the advertising campaign!
Extremely detailed real-time analytics for each campaign
Smart search
Automatic selection of relevant bloggers, sites and public with overlapping audiences
Unique constructor of ads, imitating creation of real stories
More than 10 ways to fund your account and withdraw your money

Calculate efficiency in 10 seconds

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Storiesgain is not only the best advertising exchange for instagram bloggers, it is also an automated platform for advertising. Our blogger catalog has more than 100,000 participators, even though we opened much later than GetBlogger, Epicstars, and Labelup.

All bloggers have rating and reviews from advertisers on the platform. The advertiser can see it before the ad campaign is launched.

Storiesgain also solves the tasks of a full-fledged Agency, working with advertising in Stories, providing an opportunity to buy ads simultaneously from thousands of micro and nano-influencers.

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